Pillow Bash

Takes the fun of a sleepover to a whole new level! Keep your balance and hold on tight in our exciting Pillow Bash!

Pillow Bash Take on your opponent with a giant pillow with the intention of knocking them off of the rail. The winner remains victoriously seated while the loser falls to defeat onto the inflatable surface below. This takes a standard pillow fight to all new levels!!
13′l x 15′w x 10′h

General Information:

  • Rental of the Pillow Bash includes: (1) Blower, (4) stakes or weights, (1) 80′ electrical extension cord, (2) pillows
  • Maximum (200 lbs) per individual
  • Power requirements: (1) 20 amp circuit with-in 80′ of the inflatable
  • If the event is not with-in 80′ of a power source, a generator may be required at an additional cost