Human Foosball

Being attached to teammates in our Human Foosball arena while playing soccer, what a great idea!

Human Foosball Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a foosball player hanging around on those poles? Now you can find out! This super-oversized inflatable version of the popular foosball table is a fabulous hit for all ages and all team-building events! Our arena, complete with goals, enables ten players (5 on a side) to compete for glory in the foosball arena. Players are restricted to horizontal movement, just like on the original table, making this game as much fun to watch as it is to participate! 9’-high walls provide netting for spectators to see the action.
53′l x 25′w x 9′h

General Information:

  • Rental of the Human Foosball includes: (1) Blower, (4) stakes or weights, (1) 80′ electrical extension cord, (1) soccer ball
  • Power requirements: (1) 20 amp circuit with-in 80′ of the inflatable
  • If the event is not with-in 80′ of a power source, a generator may be required at an additional cost