Human Bowling

Send your friend down the lane of our Human Bowling alley for a STRIKE!

Human Bowling Strap your friend inside the giant 4 foot steel bowling ball, while you and another friend are planning your attack on the pins. Get ready, set, BOWL! and send your friend in the ball head over heels down the inflatable bowling lane to knock over the 5 foot pins for a STRIKE! One attendant is needed while 20 people per hour can participate.
34′l x 16′w x 5h’

General Information:

  • Rental of the Human Bowling ¬†includes: (1) Blower, (4) stakes or weights,¬†(1) 80′ electrical extension cord, (5) bowling pins, (1) steel cage bowling ball with padded seat, (1) headgear
  • Power requirements: (1) 20 amp circuit with-in 80′ of the inflatable
  • Maximum (225 lbs) per individual
  • If the event is not with-in 80′ of a power source, a generator may be required at an additional cost