Bouncy Boxing

Go toe to toe in our Inflatable Bouncy Boxing arena!!!

Bouncy Boxing Here is your chance to settle old scores, while having a blast.  Each contender will be provided with two oversized boxing gloves and head gear.  All you need is a referee and you will have a title fight.  Bring Bouncy Boxing to your event and sit ring side as contenders, 10 and up, duke it out for glory.
18′l x 18′w x 14′h

General Information:

  • Rental of the Bouncy Boxing includes: (1) Blower, (4) stakes or weights, (1) 80′ electrical extension cord, (2) set of giant boxing gloves, (2) headgear
  • Power requirements: (1) 20 amp circuit with-in 80′ of the inflatable
  • Maximum (225 lbs) per individual
  • If the event is not with-in 80′ of a power source, a generator may be required at an additional cost